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What Our 2017 Veuve Clicquot Elle Boss Awards Finalists Would Tell Their 20-Year-Old Selves

Listen up...

During their successful rise to the top, our Veuve Clicquot Elle Boss Awards female powerhouses took some time to reflect on their journeys and their experiences in their youth. We asked them to share what they would tell their younger selves, from always giving your best (and also knowing when you've done all you can) to the importance of not always comparing yourself to others. It's time to learn from the best...

Amanda Dambuza, 2017 Winner, founder and director of consulting company Uyandiswa.

"In my 20s, I wish I knew that perfection is truly not something to strive for because it is unreal and a deep illusion. Excellence, on the other hand, is truly something you can strive for every day. As long as you have given something your best, then there is nothing more to it. What will be will be. I also never had lots of room for grey in my world. It was black or white. With life experiences and growing older, I am far more forgiving and tolerant of both myself and others. I do my best to understand from another’s perspective. I am still a work in progress though; probably for the rest of my life."

Veronica Motloutsi, 2017 Finalist, Executive Head of Commercial Operations for International Markets at Vodacom

"I would tell my younger self that I shouldn't ever feel bad about who I am. Also, that I should never have apologised for being the best in class."

Veuve Cliquot Elle Boss 2017 Finalists

Nomonde White, 2017 Finalist, Head of Technology at Barclays Africa Regional Management

"I wish I knew the breath and magnitude of my strength and capabilities. I only started realising what I was capable of much later than I should have. If I could go back, I would stop comparing myself to others and trust that I was destined for greatness. With more confidence, I think I would have made much bolder moves and worked harder to achieve more, sooner. But I would also have congratulated myself more, and not been so hard on myself.

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