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Valentine's Day Horoscope: What Are Your Plans?

Those dating a Leo or Gemini, be warned.

Though it's only one day of the year, Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to make a lasting impression on your significant other—or to justify getting majorly spoiled. 

Whether you have concrete plans for the big day or are a completely open book, everyone has a different idea of what February 14 should look like, especially when your astrological composition enters the picture. Low-key, relaxed days are in order for signs like Taurus and Virgo—but if you're dating a more high-maintenance sign, like Gemini or Leo, you should probably start planning, pronto. 

For all those who aren't quite sure how their V-Days will take shape, scroll down for the best things each sign should do for Valentine's Day, based on their unique characteristics. You'll thank us later.

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1 / 12 Taurus

Taurus are the most traditionally romantic sign on the chart, and love being showered with affection and compliments. With that said, the most traditional kind of V-Day celebrations are the best for Taureans, and that involves champagne, a candle-lit dinner, and maybe a cheesy rom-com or two.

2 / 12 Gemini

Passionate Geminis will be as loved up as ever come February 14. Considering these Air Signs have the fieriest personalities, Valentine's Day will likely bring some kind of thrill-seeking activity—anything from scary movies to skydiving, or both!

3 / 12 Cancer

If you didn't know, Cancerians are the homebodies of the chart, and put spending time with their loved ones above anything. On V-Day, don't be surprised if your Cancerian partner just wants to stay at home, order food, and do absolutely zilch. 

4 / 12 Leo

As the embodiment of a Fire Sign, Leos love when all attention is on them. While it's an affable quality, it also means plenty is in order for Valentine's Day—something everyone with a Leo partner should take into consideration. In this case, too much attention is still never enough.

5 / 12 Virgo

If Geminis are the most free-wheeling signs, Virgos are their polar opposite. If you're a Virgo, you can probably relate to being tightly wound all year round, so Valentine's Day is the time to put relaxation with your S/O at the forefront—and that means partaking in some stress-relieving activities, like couple massages or dinner by candlelight.

6 / 12 Libra

Adventure-seeking Libras will probably want to do something different on Valentine's Day, so if you're a Libra (or happen to be dating one), try and think of something unoriginal to make yourself or your partner content. This could be anything from picnicking in a hidden park to finding a secluded beach, or even going on a hike.

7 / 12 Scorpio

Scorpios have a reputation for being the most cunning and feisty sign, but they're also one of the most loving and sensual (not to mention, they're the best in the bedroom). If you're a Scorpio, V-Day is the time to treat your partner to some new underwear, or if you're single, re-kindle a romance with an old flame.

8 / 12 Sagittarius

Sagittarius are renowned for their bluntness—if they're not happy with their Valentine's Day plans, they'll let you know. For their partners, this means stepping it up a notch when making the all-important Valentine's Day itinerary—from splashing out on a nicer gift to booking a table at a slightly more expensive restaurant.

9 / 12 Capricorn

Akin to fellow Earth Sign Virgo, Capricorns love to be in control and know what's going on—so much so, that a surprise mightn't be the best idea. Unless you know you love surprises, try to steer your partner away from any ridiculous shocks come Valentine's Day, and stick to what you love most—their company.

10 / 12 Aquarius

As one of the humblest, most innovative signs, Aquarius usually don't ask for much on Valentine's Day—for them, it's the thought that counts. Whether you spend hundreds of dollars on your Aquarius partner or absolutely nothing, they'll be content with any kind of thoughtful, creative gift, so get thinking.

11 / 12 Pisces

Pisceans know exactly how to get their partners to follow their lead, and can be stubborn when trying to make plans. However, Pisceans are also adventurous and know how to have fun, so try something out of your comfort zone—whether it be camping (or glamping), or exploring a part of your city you aren't familiar with.

12 / 12 Aries

Everyone knows Aries are the embodiment of the phrase 'here for a good time, not a long time'. Aries are committed, love hard, and take no prisoners in making their relationships as fun as possible—so going out to party or spending time with a close-knit friendship would make for endless fun on Valentine's Day. Too bad Valentine's Day falls on a Thursday this year, right?

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