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Travel Guide: The Best Tips For Long Haul Flights

P.S. you don't *need* to fly business...

With holiday season around the corner, some of us (i.e. the lucky ones) are gearing up for international travel, with the first hurdle being that long haul flight. Very few people actually enjoy this experience: the uncomfortable time sat in one seat, surrounded by strangers and in a potentially stuffy space. However, there are ways to overcome this in order to arrive at your holiday destination ready for adventure, relaxation or whatever comes your way...

Hydration Station 

Keeping yourself well-hydrated during air-travel is hugely important. Drinking enough water will ensure  you stay fresh and also help eliminate jet-lag. Bring an empty bottle on board with you (check with TSA guidelines for your flight specifically) because those tiny bottles don't do a whole lot. 

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Chicken, Beef or Kombucha?!

Taking note of what you consume (aside from the water you're drinking) can totally change the way you travel. Qantas' Head of Customer experience, Phil Capps, let us in on a few changes the airline is making to help with this, with the "jetlag-reducing menu on our long haul flights, which includes delicious ingredients that have added benefits of hydration, aiding sleep and reducing jetlag." This includes cold-pressed juice shots, herbal teas, water-packed veggies and fruit, organic Kombucha, lighter meals and an all-important hot-chocolate bedtime drink to help with sleep!

Bedtime Routine

Sleep is key to overcoming jet-lag and also helping pass those hours, however getting shut-eye in the sky can be incredibly tricky. To alleviate this, try stick to your normal bedtime routine. Whether that involves doing a nighttime face mask (which will also help keep your skin hydrated) or a 10 minute meditation session (now available on Qantas flights) your body will feel the regular patterns of sleep prep and you'll be nodding off soon enough...

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Must Adjust

The best way to get your body ready for a whole new country, time zone and climate is to set your watch and phone clock to the destination time while you're in the air. 

Capps suggests: "Even before you step on the flight, you should start shifting your internal clocks as much as 90 minutes a day for several days prior to departing. As a rule of thumb, flyers heading east should go to bed and wake up earlier to prepare for long-haul travel, while those flying west should do the opposite. If you follow this advice, you should acclimate to local time quickly."

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