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Track by Track: Melo B Jones

Six years in the making and Melo B Jones’ five track EP is here. A mixture of sultry lyricism and mesmeric beats, The Start, is self explanatory as it signifies what the Johannesburg based singer and songwriter describes as a new journey in her music career.  She gave us a break down of each song off the EP.

C&L and C&L (Clean)

The song, which comes in two parts in about a situationship I found myself in. It’s a song about trying not to fall for someone you’re not officially dating and fighting the feelings of falling for them. There is a line in the song that really gets this across well - in the pre chorus - where I say “Sade and Lemonade, that’s my campaign”, which captures my feelings of being torn between the sweet, saccharine love ballads of Sade and the hardcore badass nature shown throughout Beyonce’s Lemonade and juggling my feelings around the two. I was in my room sipping on demi-sec (also a line in the song), trying to drown out these newly developed feelings.

I write all of my songs alone, the creative process flows better that way for me. The song was produced by Kabelo Tsoako, who goes by the alias KaeB. As a young contemporary producer, he knows how to blend new Hip Hop elements (like trap) with old school sampling and drum patterns perfectly. I wrote and recorded the first draft of the song by myself on my laptop. That is generally how all of my first drafts are recorded.

Another Level

The song was actually inspired by Jill Scott, who is one of my biggest influences. I had almost written the song in a way that I think she would and the most important thing, that I wanted to get across with the song is the sexiness.

The lyrics are based around the idea of giving your lover an open invitation to explore the next level of the relationship – whatever that may be or mean to the listener. I wrote the song in 2012, my final year of university in my Cape Town apartment, not particularly inspired by anything happening in my own life – in fact, I’m sure that was one of the loneliest times in my life.

The song was written by myself and produced by 4REAL, an Atlanta, USA based producer that I have been working with for a few years now. I loved writing and recording this song, it just felt so sensual and freeing.


Mamzize is a nickname that I have for my mother, and is inspired by her. The whole song is just a short letter of appreciation and love; she really means everything to me.

Lyrically, its just a proclamation of the lessons that she taught me and the love she gave me that helped me become the woman I am today. I wrote the song one day in my room, just thinking about how much she has touched my life – having gone through a very tough time personally and her helping me through that time.

I wrote the song and Trey Hemingway, a US born producer who now lives in Paris, France, produced it. The boom bap beat really drives the song and the piano based melody gives it a nostalgic sweetness. It was fun writing this song and even more fun sharing it with my mother; it’s a special song.

Perfect Girl

The song was inspired by a break up/make up relationship I was in at that time. Its about being the ‘perfect girl’ at the ‘wrong time’; where if it had been another time, things would have been perfect. I wrote this song in 2012 (which actually turned out to be a great year for my songwriting) and must have come to the realization that the relationship I was in was not going to work.

I wrote the song and it was produced by 4REAL (who also produced “Another Level”). The hypnotic percussive loop that the beat has was the actual element that directed the lyrical content for me. Its almost hypnotic nature took me to a place that forced me to introspect deeply and write something gut-wrenchingly honest. The recording process of this song was painful for me, because it was a heartbreak that I was right in the middle of experiencing, but in many ways it was cathartic. Its easily the most honest song I’ve ever written.

The Start is available on iTunes and you can listen to a preview of the EP below:

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