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Tracee Ellis Ross Wants To Dress You (In J.C. Penney)

She really does!

And now you can try her looks on for size if you’re in the US and within walking distance of a J.C. Penney chain, because that’s where her capsule collection has its home.

Tracee Ellis Ross. Photo courtesy: J.C Penney

Totally wearable and on point, the collection is a feast if mixing and matching is your style aesthetic, and there are pops of colour, too, because, hey, why not... From the shocking pink sequins dress to the blue-meets-oversized red polka dot A-line dress she has teamed with lace-ups, the collection offers wardrobe perennials and accessories, and she has topped it off with décor buys for the festive season, too.

But if you’re wondering why a collection and why now, it’s worth noting that prior to her television success and her head-turning red carpet looks we hit like, Ellis Ross was a contributing fashion editor to New York and Mirabella magazines, and this is a culmination of a life-long passion and dream.

Tracee Ellis Ross and models. Photo courtesy: J.C Penney

The proof is in the pocket-friendly price points, with items ranging from US$29-US$74. And who better to showcase just how wearable the collection is than the brains behind it. We love!

Ellis Ross said in a statement:

Each piece is timeless and versatile, classic but with flavour. They can be mixed and matched to create elegant looks for everybody and everybody.


Happy shopping!

Tracee Ellis Ross and a model. Photo courtesy: J.C Penney

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