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A Solo Trip: The Road Less Travelled

Get your ticket, sis. The world is too big to wait around for someone to go on an adventure with you.

According to a new study published by multi-awarding winning travel company Flash Packa large number of respondents aged between 30 and 49 prefer life experiences over marriage, buying a house or having kids. Traveling solo is one of the life experiences that's on the rise as we see a growing movement of career-driven individuals who are investing their hard-earn money on travel and adventure. 

Here's why many people are opting to travel alone and why you should too, at least once in your life. 


There are a number of benefits of travelling solo. While it can be a little daunting, it can also be empowering. People often come back feeling renewed and have a fresh perspective after a solo trip. This type of travel is not just about  wanderlust, but also freedom and independence.


Stepping out of your comfort zone by travelling somewhere alone will help give you confidence to approach the world boldly, especially when you’re visiting a new place. A solo trip will give you opportunities to learn how to handle various types of scenarios.


Solo travel give you the space you need to listen to your inner voice and do some soul work. Sometimes, all you need is new scenery to rethink your life and decisions, then approach life differently after the trip. 

New Connections

The biggest misconception about solo travel is that you're always alone. While some prefer to be alone, it is possible to make friends on your journey and create the most memorable experiences with complete strangers. These days, there are countless apps to help you make connections with like-minded explorers. Beyond apps, the good thing about solo travel is that it creates opportunities to get to know people and their cultures. 


The best perk about travelling alone is not having to rely on anyone but yourself to have an unforgettable experience. Solo travel is the best kind of freedom: all you need to do is pick your destination – wherever, whenever and according to your budget.  

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