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Taryn Gill is the founder of a new and innovative hair-care range, The Perfect Hair, built specifically for different textures of African hair.

Gill, a hair-care entrepreneur, is no stranger to the business world. Her first business after leaving the media and publishing sector was The Perfect Score, an agency that gave brands insights into the female consumer. From there she established Perfect Publisher and published shopping and travel guides tailored to women, who make most consumer decisions in the average SA household.

The Perfect Hair is her first foray into retail. ‘When we asked ourselves, “What is the perfect hair anyway?” the only answer that made sense for everyone was #HappyHealthyHair, so that’s our hashtag,’ she explains.

Packaged in beautiful, recyclable glass containers, The Perfect Hair products took Gill 18-20 months of developing. Applying research that she read, which was  conducted by trichologists who found as many as 12 different hair textures locally (officially they identified nine). Some of the research also came through conversations that Gill had been having with different women about their hair needs on Facebook, as well as qualitative methods with her shoppers.

The Range

The Perfect Wave is for girls whose hair has a wavy texture. The wave gel is boosted with super fruit extracts, offers UV protection, colour protection, provides anti-oxidants, and is designed especially for ladies with extensive amounts of colouring.

The Perfect Curl, which is for women with a mixed curl pattern, has a deep conditioning and curl-controlling style cream. With cashmere keratin it creates a soft and controlled curl and helps protect hair from humidity and frizz. Just as the word cashmere implies, it has a soft and silky effect. The two main oils in the curl range are Abyssinian and argan.

The Perfect Kinky Coil range, Perfect Hair's best seller, is designed for the tight Nguni-type hair which naturally suffers from a level of dryness and brittleness as moisture struggles to get down to the hair shaft because the coil is tight. The Perfect Kinky Coil has a very deep intensive conditioner with the addition of 9 essential oils to help with shrinkage. Other additions include grape seed, castor and coconut oil.

‘We have gone back in time and we have tried to see what Africans used hundreds of years ago and one of the most successful ones was the Kalahari melon oil,' says Gill, explaining how the Khoi used to crush the melon making it into a paste to protect their skin, which is also included in The Perfect Kinky Coil. Mongongo and Mafura butters are also included in this range. Most of the natural products are sourced locally or from surrounding countries.

All of the brand's ranges start with a co-wash (co-washing is short for 'conditioning wash', or cleansing your hair with your favourite conditioner instead of shampoo), which is originally an American concept. Because African hair is more susceptible to dryness, sulphate properties of shampoo are most likely to strip it of its natural oils. The co-wash is a creamy cleanser. You wash and massage; it smells dreamy and is also a treat for kids. The co-wash starts off every regime and you must always co-wash twice (the first time only gets half the dirt off). From there, whether you want to create a great wavy style or a twist-out afro, there is something in The Perfect Hair styling range for everyone. Visit The Perfect Hair at their store at @WorkShopNewTown opposite Newtown Mall in Johannesburg , where you can chat to the amazing team about your specific hair needs.


Instagram: theperfecthairtaryn


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