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The ELLE team shares some of their latest discoveries and favourite finds of the moment.

Elsa Young

A nail bar in the sky, a food spot in Lagos and NYC, the latest podcasts and more. 

"If you ever find yourself in New York, head to Dudley’s for the perfect brunch. Recently had the Brown Rice Porridge and Ricotta Hotcakes on a trip to the big apple with H&M!"- Kelly Fung, Editor in Chief 

"Tenfold, a nail salon that believes in being more natural, ethical and toxin-free has just moved to it’s new premises at Hallmark House in Johannesburg. With a beautiful interior, a serene ambience and incredible views of Joburg from the top, this is the perfect place to take your best friend on your next nail appointment." Ntombenhle Shezi, Assistant Editor

"I recently discovered this really great restaurant in Lagos which opens 24/7. It’s called 100 Hours and they make the best traditional Nigerian dishes. If you happen to find yourself in Lagos and you haven’t experienced local Nigerian food then you have no excuse but to visit this spot".- Dimeji Alara - Fashion Director 

"Stumbled across this gem (quite literally). Set in the style of a 1920’s New York speakeasy, here is a place where you can be, well, you. Anything that promises good food, drink, music and mayhem has to be good, right? I recommend their Wings of Fire, or Soft Taco Falaffel Shells (both are delicious). They are known for their Whiskeys (they have over 20 on their menu, including one called Monkey Shoulder) but if whiskey is not your thing - the have an impressive selection of gin as well"- Kim Bell, Project Editor 

"I never miss an episode The Red Table, a Facebook series hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith(47) and co-hosted by her daughter Willow Smith (18) and Mother,  Adrienne Banfield-Norris(64). I love their intergenerational approach to a range of topics; they’re so relatable and are mostly focused on womanhood."- Lindelwa Busakwe,  Editorial Coordinator

"I’m obsessed with Netflix’s first comic book: The Magic Order which is about five families of magicians who secretly protect the world from evil forces. It’s gritty, dark and beautifully illustrated"- Nhlanhla Masemola, Digital Editor

"I’ve been quite obsessed with Serial, a really incredible podcast which dives deep into different cases and lawsuits, all with a very heavy investigative journalism angle. I’m currently on Season 3, and although I do sometimes get tangled up in lawyer terms (and weird American judicial phrases) it’s completely captivating". - Kira Gimpel, Fashion Assistant 


"I recently had the most exciting tastebud experience involving coffee and condensed milk from Saigon Suzy. The coffee was carefully filtered into a thick layer of condensed milk and when mixed, which achieved the perfect balance between  sweetness and milkiness- certainly an interesting find! "- Chiara Osman, Intern 

"I’m obsessed with a podcast called All Killa No Filla, which is two female comedians talking about serial killers. It’s ridiculously compelling – and haunting, but in a light way (in between the killer talk, there are killer jokes). They even covered Moses Sithole", Kim Garner, Digital Strategist 

Elsa Young
Tenfold Nail Bar
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