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Former ELLE July 2013 cover star Tarina Patel is growing her ever-expanding empire with a jewellery line.

The collection is an impressive addition to Patel’s already glowing resume. Patel studied medicine in India, and after completing her degree returned to South Africa and got her honours in psychology summa cum laude.


What’s more, Patel is also an established Bollywood actress and key film industry player in Mumbai. Now, the model, actress, film producer and philanthropist is a jewellery designer.

Navaratna, meaning ‘nine gems’, has its origins in, and is linked to, Hindu astrology, something Patel has strong spiritual ties to.

Navagrahas refers to the nine influencers or planets and the influence the placement of these gems have on an individual’s life; providing astrological balance and directing positive energy, which brings about healing to the person wearing the gems.

‘Navaratna is a line that reflects me and my tastes, but I also want any woman who buys it to understand that she can wear it in a way that reflects her essence. You don’t have to be Indian to wear it. Create your own style,’ says Patel.

Currently, the jewellery line consists of around 50 handcrafted pieces, including rings, cuffs, earrings, necklaces and bangles – all with a distinctly Indian style.

The range, in its entirety, is made in India and can be bought from high-end boutique Luminance, in Hyde Park Corner, Johannesburg.



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