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Style Star, Tamu McPherson Photographed by Stephen Tayo Wearing Tiffany Amber, Lisa Folawiyo, Bridget Awosika, Tsemaye Binitie and Orange Culture

Plus tips on what to wear, and one style every woman should try in her lifetime

Founder of All the Pretty Birds, Tamu McPherson chats to Dimeji Alara on her favourite Nigerian designers and more.

Wearing Tiffany Amber; Earrings, Celine

Who were some of your favourite designers at Lagos Fashion Week?

They were so many talented designers at Lagos Fashion Week. Some of my favourites include Orange Culture, Anyango Mpinga, Maxivive, Lagos Space Programme, Fruché, Nack, Studio 189, Lisa Folawiyo, Maxhosa by Laduma, Meena, Nkwo, Mai Atafo, Tongoro, and Rich Mnisi.


Wearing Lisa Folawiyo; Bag, Mateo NY

What was your first impression of the local designers in Lagos?

I am extremely impressed and enthusiastic about their collections and their potential for growth into the international fashion market.

Which of the designers do you think had more wearable clothes?

Lisa Folawiyo, Orange Culture , Anyango Mpinga, Tongoro, Mai Atafo, Meena, Maxhosa, Studio 189 and Rich Mnisi.


Wearing Bridget Awosika; Earrings, Celine; Bag, Mateo NY

What’s the best thing to wear in the city?

Anything you feel attractive in. Lagos women are very glamorous, so you can never be overdressed. But, something on the cooler side though, especially if it hits 85 at noon.

Wearing Orange Culture; Boots, Celine; Earrings, Racil

Favourite item in your closet?

Anything from Phoebe Philo’s Celine.

What’s the best style advice you’ve ever gotten?

Bill Cunningham once told me, “Do you, child!”

Wearing Tsemaye Binitie

What’s the most expensive clothing item you’ve ever bought?

I can’t say! Lol!

What’s a style every woman should try at least in her life?

A power suit, just to see how it feels. 

Who’s the last person you follow on Twitter or Instagram?


All photographs by Stephen Tayo

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