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In our Jan/Feb issue, currently on shelves now, we focus on hair for our main beauty shoot – Shape Shifter.

‘Smooth and sleek or disheveled and undone; up and away or loose and volumised – when it comes to hair, 2014 is the year of contrasting textures. Embrace a new you every day,’ says Sarah Hoberman, assistant beauty editor.



Here, we go behind the scenes and ask Sarah a few questions about shoot day.

Inspiration behind shoot?

We approached this story based on the trends that were noticed on the catwalks and the idea was to have a modern and inspirational feel. A lot of thought was put into choosing which make-up would complement which hairstyle best whilst keeping the balance between both. It was about complementing the looks whilst still keeping the hair as the hero. One of the most important aspects was to get a dreamy and romantic but still clean and fashion-forward feel and that was achieved by our photographer's fantastic lighting.


We had two models, Hilda and Raschelle from Fusion. The idea was to have contrasting looks in terms of facial features and hair type. Jamaican beauty Raschelle was the very image of strength within beauty and had us in stiches pulling faces in between shots! Hilda on the other end of the beauty spectrum portrayed a grunge look as well as classic vulnerability. She also happens to be the face of Lancôme DreamTone so we were very lucky to work with her!

Any hiccups on shoot day?

Actually no! It was a super smooth day and probably one of my most memorable shoots due to the excitement on set when seeing the frames on the computer screen.

Favourite shot?

One of my favourites was a shot of Hilda with her hair ‘floating’ in the air. We were after movement and she had to jump up and down whilst swinging her head from side to side. One of the assistants was controlling a wind machine and we were all holding our breath to the sound of non-stop camera clicking! The shot is breathtaking and we sure got the feel of movement!


Favourite hair trend for 2014?

I think it will have to be the dual texture trend. It is easily done on any hair type and is really low maintenance.

ELLE asked Brendan Palmer, hairstylist and consultant at Langaro Lifestyle Centre, for his top tips on:

Dual-textured hair

Also called the sporty look or ‘messy dressy’, this is becoming quite popular and normally used as a next day alternative to shampooing and styling. So the idea is to have smooth hair, generally in a ponytail and the loose hair wavy, curly or teased. Using a good styling aid like gloss appeal from Kérastase to smooth out the top and spraying some powder bluff on the ends can give it that nice textured look. Also try teasing the ends a bit with a wide-tooth comb.

Side part

Side partings are a huge trend, especially a really low parting, with the hair swept all the way across ­– using a light hairspray like Laque Couture will help keep it in place without making it sticky.

Bunched up plaits

Braids and plaits have become increasingly popular and are so simple, yet elegant and feminine, I suggest mixing it up, do more than one, to the side or back. My favourite is doing a very loose braid on natural hair just being brushed to the side at the back so it hangs over the shoulder.

Voluminous pixie

I love the voluminous pixie cut! It’s fresh, cheeky and playful, using mousse bouffant from Kérastase and rough drying it upside down is thebest way to get the right look. Add some short mania paste after drying for some texture and hold and you are good to go out and have fun!

Here are some behind-the-scenes pics:





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Images: Sandro Baebler

Hair: Kevin Epstein

Make-up: Shahnaz Cola-Wrensch

Models: Hilda at Fusion, Raschelle at Fusion.

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