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One lesson we’ve learnt through fashion is that history tends to repeat itself. Even the most heinous fashion blunders can make a comeback. Here are some of fashion’s most notorious fashion faux pas made trendy by fashion houses this year.

Slip-slops with straps:

Despite the fact that slip-slops are not only a summer staple but also the most efficient casual footwear a girl can have, they have never ranked strongly on the high-fashion scale. Stella McCartney has challenged this notion, though, sending slip-slops with straps down the runway for the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. We love it when pretty meets practical.


Denim maxi skirts:

The fact that denim was all over the Spring/Summer 2015 runways is not news, but when we say ‘all over’, we mean it literally. Head-to-toe denim was worn in many ways, but this full denim maxi skirt from Veronique Branquinho was totally unexpected. We thought denim maxi skirts were left behind in 1999 but evidently they are making a comeback – or so say the designers.


Cropped leather jumpsuit:

Leather is always on trend. And jumpsuits have slowly but surely made their way back onto our fashion radar. But both together? This is something we haven’t seen before. This capri-pant length, leather jumpsuit would have been the ultimate fashion faux pas, but with this Saint Laurent daring design we can’t help wonder whether in fact we love. Thoughts?


Head-to-toe matching:

In the 1950s it was all about matching your bag to your shoes but now we’ve seen Emanuel Ungaro giving the thumbs up to matching everything. I suppose this trend is the antithesis of clashing colours and prints (which in the past was also a big fashion no-no). If you want to make a style statement and stand out, this is one way of doing so. That’s if you can find enough items to match.


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