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Scent trip: an exclusive interview with Alberto Morillas, Master perfumer of Gucci Bloom fragrances

Gucci's latest, and final, addition to the Bloom story explores a woman's intimate character, her unconventionality, and her authenticity

My earliest memory of scent is of Orange blossom. It belongs to my deepest childhood heritage. Spring time in Seville, Spain, is the moment for traditional processions when the aromas of orange blossom and incense are wonderfully combined. When I smell Orange Blossom, my childhood in Spain comes back to me.

My passion for perfume came to life when I was twenty years old. I had read an article in Vogue Magazine where Jean-Paul Guerlain explained how to create a fragrance. That day, I realized that there was a creator, a man behind a perfume and that idea fascinated me.

The best part of creating a fragrance is looking for inspiration and new ideas when working on a new project - it's the most exciting part of my job! It's challenging for me to decide when the right moment is to put an end to it, and to know when the fragrance reaches the perfect balance, a kind of ideal state of creation. When I finish a project it is a really strange state of mind, where I am sad, relieved, happy to finish, but also worried about the success of the product.

The man behind many famous scents, Master perfumer, Alberto Morillas

Almost everything can be bottled, all natural elements, even if it is not possible to extract their smell, they can be reproduced. What we cannot capture are emotions and feelings, and these are the key drivers of my creativity. 

My best memory of finding an unforgettable scent ingredient in an unexpected place took place in India, when we discovered that the scent extracted from the Jasmine Closed Buds (when the flowers are not opened yet) offers a different olfactive profile than the “traditional” Jasmine essence, distilled when flowers are completely flowered. I cannot explain how amazed I was by this - to discover another olfactive identity to a raw material I thought I knew by heart fascinated and inspired me to feature this new quality of jasmine into Gucci Bloom. It is what I love the most about my job: to be surprised every day! 

With Gucci Bloom Nettare Di Fiori, Alessandro wanted to discover a dimension of exuberance and of joy as in Bloom and Bloom Acqua Di Fiori, but something that felt more impossible to achieve: a dream where nature is brought indoors. He said to me: “I want Nettare di Fiori to express the scent of flowers and plants in the shutter of a window of somebody’s home.” This scent conveys a floral emotion of nature but now it’s inside a home. Olfactively, Nettare di Fiori captures flowers at the fullness of their bloom, radiating their most powerful fragrance and allure. The original Gucci Bloom scent is blended into a Chypre Floral version. The scent conveys a deeper sense of femininity in the woodier, sensual blend.

Fragrance is the mirror of society; it has evolved a lot throughout the years. We enter into a time of high perfumery. Traditional perfumery codes are twisted with modern accords, and the interest on high quality, statutory ingredients, texture and sophistication is rising. Customers are becoming more experts of fragrances, discovering an alternative world of new scents. 

I have been inspired by a lot of perfumers in my career. I am very receptive to the world that surrounds me because inspiration can come from everywhere at any unexpected moment. Perfumers create abstract pieces from moments, emotions, sensations, people and places. They are artists. Elie Roger was the first guide who believed in me, he saw my potential and supported me all along. I also cherish my relationship with Jacques Cavallier, he has been a fantastic support the last thirty years and we have been exchanging a lot on the art and philosophy of perfumery all along. 

When in investing in a fragrance women should find a fragrance that makes her feels right, a scent that will finalize her style and make her feel confident. 

If I were a fragrance, I would say that I am a positive joyful fragrance,  but also mysterious…

Star of the campaign Dakota Johnson behind the scenes (Image supplied)
Behind the scenes (Image supplied)
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