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MY WORLD: Kenny Jules Mori -Winslow

Fashion Anthropologist and digital content creator Kenny Jules Morifi-Winslow's work is the definition of style meets substance. The influential creative lets us into her world.

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Books: As a career nerd, books are naturally a big part of my life and my space. I love graphic coffee table books that you can melt into, or collectible editions of high fashion magazines.

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Kenny Champagne

Champagne: As a creative entrepreneur, it’s important to celebrate small victories. We tend to only celebrate plans when they come to fruition, but I think the steps are worth cheering.

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Nutribullet: I live, breathe and survive on my green juices – I would be lost without my Nutribullet.

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Kenny Art

My Art: The triptych of line drawings was a 25th birthday gift, custom done by Anthony Bila. For my 26th, he commissioned a large scale piece by Ben Eagle. Art has intrinsic sentimental value to it, but mine feels deeply personal.

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Kenny Stamp

Textile stamps: These are functional Malian textile stamps that I’ve chosen to display. For me, they are a reminder of what fashion anthropology is all about, and to stay true to the nature of my work.

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My shoes: Shoes are my guily pleasure. Because my style is quite simple, I like to make a big statement with interesting shoes.

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Kenny Light

The light: I take light very seriously in my living space. After living in New York for three years, where light is a luxury, I cherish every ray that streams generously through my warehouse windows.

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Rename Kenny Plants

Plants: I inherited a green thumb from my mother, she can make roses out of stone. My plants not only bring life to this industrial space, but they connect me to her in a special way.

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Kenny Perfume

Perfume: Because I’m not a big make-up girl, fragrance, and a wide variety thereof, is the spice of my beauty life.

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Kenny Liberation Cafe

Salvation Café: As I live right next to 44 Stanley, Salvation Café is my kitchen away from home. Very few places make as good vegetarian options as they do, with clean, fresh flavours.

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