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In our March #ArtIssue, currently on shelf, we learn about Malaika School in Kalebuka, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and its founder, model-turned-philanthropist, Noella Coursaris Musunka, whose desire is to better the lives of young girls in her native country.

Apart from it offering much-needed free, quality education to 231 young girls, Malaika School’s very existence is an essential first step in helping to break the cycle of gender inequality. By providing young girls with the tools (through education) that they need – and deserve – they are able to impact the lives of so many around them (family, community, country and continent).

Last week landed on my desk the wonderfully creative, colourful and magical drawings below, made by few scholars from the Malaika School.


They are not only beautiful, they represent a future of endless growth and possibilities and the fulfilment of dreams.

As talk of education continues to dominate the news in South Africa, it is extremely important to remember the gift of it; to treasure it, invest in it, and pay it forward so that the African narrative grows even further, and highlights the positivity that’s everywhere, if we choose to look for it, in every corner of a country and a continent that we all call home.

If you haven’t read Model Citizen yet, get your copy of ELLE March #ArtIssue, and go page 66!

Note from the writer:

Thank you Noella and the Malaika School family, and to the 231 Malaika scholars, merci… Remember, the world is waiting for you!

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