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We caught up with Jeremy de Tolly, former lead singer for The Dirty Skirts, a composer, guitarist and pianist, who currently sings and composes for Original Swimming Party.


OSP is a three-piece experimental electronica band from Cape Town, who also happened to provide the musicality in our FORM.FUNCTION fashion film for our February 2015 issue via the track entitled Weeping Song II

ELLE : Tell us more about Weeping Song II - what inspired it?

OSP: The song is influenced by Malian desert blues music. And when we get together we often have improvised jams to get the creative juices flowing - and Weeping Song stemmed from one of these moments of inspiration. Our guitarist Greg jammed the riff with beautiful looping delays, and it had such a great feel that we had to work it into a full song.

ELLE: How long did it take to produce the song?

OSP: From the initial jam until completion of the song was a few months - we had to go through the process of writing parts as well as booking time to record it at Red Bull Studios. The song changed a lot during the writing process. When it started, none of the vocal melodies or lyrics were any good. They came later.

ELLE: What did you think of the connection that the song had to the fashion film / the finished product?

OSP: The song is about an apocalyptic end to consumerist society by an animated toy messiah #justsayin

ELLE: What do you have on your current playlist?

OSP: Drake’s new mixtape. Azalea Banks, KO, Okmulumkoolkat, Perfume Genius, The Knife, Childish Gambino, FKA Twigs, Mastodon.

ELLE: Three musicians who inspire you, or influence your music?

OSP: Flying Lotus, Frank Sinatra, David Brubeck

ELLE: What’s next for OSP?

OSP: We are learning to breakdance as an ensemble. We’re also busy working on material for our first full album, with accompanying visuals - some of the themes we’re exploring include extra-terrestrials in African culture, and a traumatic end to romance as we know it.

ELLE: Where can we find your music?

OSP: Our first EP is available for free download from

If you haven’t yet, WATCH FORM.FUNCTION as a prelude to OSP’s Weeping Song II


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