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Marie Anouns by Numbers

Marie Aouns is the founder and fragrance maker behind Saint d’ici, a perfume line informed by a combination of African, Middle Eastern and European Fragrance traditions.

Marie Aouns’ education and work in fashion; love of gardening and nature, and her desire to craft something truly beautiful all conspired to get her to this point. For Marie, ingredients are everything. ‘From my experience, the small-scale farmers and niche distillers often have the most outstanding ingredients, so a lot of time is spent sourcing these, often from out-of-the-way places. I’m not too prescriptive in what I look for in an ingredient.’

Unlike traditionally schooled perfumers who look for specific odour profiles, Marie believes that regional and seasonal variances should be celebrated. ‘I’ve smelled a “perfect” rose, which is blended from a variety of different rose absolutes and I’ve smelled a single-origin local rose absolute, which tells a much more interesting and beautiful story,’ she says. Her conceptualisation process is usually a combination of her wanting to explore different facets of the ingredients, wanting to tell a particular story and create a blend with a person in mind, as she does a lot of custom work. This makes for a fluid process with sometimes surprising results. Marie wanted Saint d’Ici’s packaging to reflect both the old world of natural perfumes, but to also look forward to an exciting future.


the average yield of Frankincense resin tears into essential oil.


The percentage of molecules in rose otto that make up 90% of its odour profile due to their low odour detection levels (which really means that they’re the loud ones in the mix).

3 millennia ago  

The first record of a perfumer, a Babylonian woman by the name of Tapputi, who distilled flowers and diluted her ingredients in solvents.

4 years ago

When I started my journey in natural perfumes.


The number of Saint d’Ici Nomvikeli bottles bought by a single customer. A (good) perfume will have this effect on people.

9 months

My sweet baby’s age.


The number of iterations of Saint d’Ici’s Entier, although the last few were minor tweaks.


The concentration of Saint d’Ici perfumes, which puts them in the parfum or extrait de parfum fragrance class. 

 Instagram: @saintdici

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