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Making social media work for you

As Generation Z enters the workplace, it is more important than ever to up your social media know-how

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Gen Z is a generation who are naturally tech savvy and easily grasp the digital space, more so than previous generations. Born from the mid 1990s to the early 2000s, this generation is native to digital and social media because it has always been a part of their lives.  

For instance, they’ve always had computer screens. As babies, their first steps, tooth, smile or word were enthusiastically documented and shared on their parents’ social platforms or personal websites. These kids were most likely using a computer in primary school and used mobile phones early in their lives. They are comfortable with text messaging, and shopping online instead of going to a mall.    

According to a Google study, nearly 3 in ten Gen Z’s have said they text people who are physically in a room with them.  

Their online networks via social platforms or video games are as real to them as their friends in school.  

Social media importance 

According to GetSmarter, a brand of 2U, Inc., a digital education company, Gen Z’s in the work place are the ‘most tech competent of any generation, [and] are able to pick up on developments quicker than other employees’.

They are described as the ‘always on’ generation because they are efficient multitaskers and can comfortably use up to 5 screens at once.  

The continued rise of social media use only makes these platforms more important for businesses. Being digitally savvy means you can engage with various generations across the social networking sites.  

These platforms can help people build their personal brand, help companies reach a wider audience and create awareness across geographical boundaries.  

Shaun Thomas, the assistant communications officer for the Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa, an umbrella body for 146 member hospices in South Africa, did the University of Cape Town (UCT) Social Media Marketing online short course via GetSmarter.  

‘For us, an NGO, it’s very important to be on a platform like Facebook because we are able then to reach out to [a wide network of] people and to show them exactly what we do and the impact that we are making,’ he says.  

He says he chose the course because UCT is a credible institution and was attracted to the course content. ‘I loved the flexibility of the online experience. The modules were very helpful and informative. The coaches were also really informative.’ 

Learning how to boost social media posts was the most beneficial because his organisation was then able to reach more people.   

‘It’s important to constantly add to one’s skill set, because things are ever-changing. In terms of marketing, 10 years ago something like social media was not relevant, and now it’s extremely relevant.’

For everyone

If you’re interested in studying online with GetSmarter, click on the course name below to get more information.  

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