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L’OCCITANE Reset serum restores your skin’s glow!

So many factors determine how skin looks but the L’OCCITANE Reset serum ensures that it remains radiant, no matter what.

Fact: life comes with many stresses and the related strain will unfortunately show on your skin, wearing those signs on your face.    

But we can fight it off.  

Remedy the skin blues away

In comes L’OCCITANE's innovative immortelle Reset serum, a powerful oil-in-serum with golden bubbles that work magic overnight. 

The mechanisms of skin recovery and repair takes place when we sleep so that is the best time to maximise the rejuvenation process. L’OCCITANE has been using the power of nature since 1976 so you’ll definitely see the results you want.

Ready to get your glow on? Here’s the powerful trio we love

With three active ingredients, you’ll get beautiful glowing skin by morning, every morning.  

  • Acmella oleacera: This herb has been used as a medicinal remedy around the world. It reduces muscle tension while softening facial wrinkles caused by stress and fatigue. It is also known for its botox-like effect!
  • Marjoram extracts: This helps to reset the skin which is subject to daily environmental aggressors. It also awakens the skin on the basis of epigenetics – how lifestyle and the environment can change gene function. In other words, you don’t have to be stuck with bad skin if you inherited it from your parents!
  • Immortelle essential oil: An anti-aging powerhouse, this oil is known for its ability to challenge time. It helps to protect the skin from the negative effects of pollution and preparing the outside layer of your skin for each new day.

With more than 3000 Immortelle essential oil golden bubbles, this serum penetrates into the skin quickly while releasing its power into your skin.  

Easy application

Take your beauty regimen to the next level. After cleansing and toning your face, use only three pumps of L’OCCITANE immortelle Reset serum to massage on your face, down the sides of your neck and into the temples to help relieve tension. Your beautiful skin could even make you a morning person!  

More reasons why this serum is a beauty must-have!

A study of 31 women, done over 28 days, revealed how the serum felt on their skin and the visible results they saw.  

After one night:

  • 91% of women thought their skin looked awakened,
  • 97% felt their skin looked more rested and also fresher, and;
  • 81% said skin was luminous.

After seven nights:

  • 100% of women agreed skin looked rested, and;
  • 97% said the serum gave their complexion a healthy glow  

After 28 nights:

  • 100% of women agreed that skin looked transformed and re-energised,
  • 100% felt the skin was replenished with moisture and plumped, and;
  • 90% said their skin looked younger.

Find L’OCCITANE on social media:  

Facebook: @loccitanesa 

Join the conversation using the hashtags #LoccitaneSA and #HelloGoldMorning  

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