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Kim Kardashian's tight snakeskin dress turned heads.

Who needs lungs anyway.

Kim Kardashian made our jaws practically dislocate when she stepped out in a skintight, snakeskin patterned dress for an appearance on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show in New York. 

Slithering her way to the studio (not literally, but can you imagine), Kimberly looked phenomenal in the ankle-length dress which forgive our crudeness, appeared to be tighter than a Durex Featherlite.

Kim wearing the skin of Taylor Swift
We are all Jonathan Cheban in this picture

Despite the internal organ twisting, Kim both managed to walk, and sit in that dress, without it ripping off her body, which is really quite the accomplishment seeing as we only have to bend down for our jeans to literally give way on our crotch/bum/thighs* delete as appropriate.

To go with her Kaa look, Kim's OG glam team Chris Appleton and Mario Dedivanovic worked together to give her the ultimate '90s hair and makeup. Complete with brown lipstick and tendrils. Although Kim's are a little bit thicker, and less gelled than our two strand days.

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We're hoping that whilst sitting on the sofa taking short, shallow breaths, Kim spilled all the tea on the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. From the 30second teaser trailer that dropped yesterday, we already know that season 16 will see Kim and Kanye reveal their baby news, and possibly see a wife swap situation between Kourtney and Kanye... 


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