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You'd have to be living under a rock not to be aware of the ongoing feud.

Much has been written about the current demise of the most electrifying creative union between two larger-than-life hip-hop egos, err… personalities, Jay Z (aka Shawn Carter, Hova, Mr Beyoncé Knowles, father of Sir and Rumi) and Kanye West (aka Pablo, Mr Kim Kardashian, father of North and Saint). And more is bound to be added to the speculative storyline.

It was a match-up worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster, not the documentary that aired recently in the UK (Public Enemies by Channel 4), with two great minds coming together to impart lyrical wisdom, all while Ye was maneuvering the stage in a leather Givenchy kilt rhyming N****s in Paris, The Blueprint, Watch the Throne, College Dropout alongside an all-black wearing Jay (and not in this running order, of course).

It was also the basis for West’s self-anointed role as guardian on Planet Music Awards Ceremonies for Beyoncé. That shameless rant circa 2009 (The VMA), when the-then 19-year-old Taylor Swift stood on stage to thank the world for her Moon Man, only to be interrupted by (to quote President Obama, ‘jackass’) Ye, who got up on stage to steal her shine with, ‘Taylor, I'm really happy for you, and I'm gonna let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!’ Hmmm.

And then one specific eyebrow-raising thing happened, the Carters were a no-show at the West-Kardashian Italian nuptials, even though the ‘do was considered private, with a limited number of guests, shutting down any concerns of them becoming reality television fodder.

But the Wests didn’t let that deter them or halt what seemed like an endless quest for a Carter-West junior play date. According to West, it’s never happened (…the optimist would say, it hasn’t happened yet). A few Yeezy collections later, some rantings on stage and Kim and Beyoncé separated by the duo front row, and still, there was little visible love coming the Wests’ way.

There is also the little fact about streaming service, Tidal, owned by Jay that got given exclusive rights to release Kanye’s The Life of Pablo, which is said to have brought in 1.5 million new subscribers and a compensation dispute.

The on-stage meltdown as part of his Saint Pablo Tour, got Ye fans thinking… Why would he say that Jay was dodging his calls, didn’t console him after his wife’s robbery in Paris, and, yeah, the kids not hanging out… if it were not true?

How did Jay reciprocate? On 30 June, he did it old-school style: he released 4:44 and Kill Jay Z, where a 20-mil mention entered the frame, making many ask: Is it business? Is it personal? Is it both? Or could it be just a twisted plan to generate hype?

Dubbed ‘the feud to end all feuds’, ‘a bad bromance’, ‘the frenemies’, the said bad blood between Jay and Ye means fewer stage and insta moments, or no kiddies playdates at all (for now), it does, however, have all the makings of the next great lyrical rivalry from the two visionaries who were once considered two peas in a hip-hop pod. It also means spectacular individual projects, with one streamed on Tidal and the other possibly not, and the stuff that dreams are made of for an epic battle and an even greater reunion.

Jay and Ye, can we please just hug it out already?

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