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The Beauty Stakes were High at the 70th Emmy Awards

Our top beauty trends making waves on the red carpet.

We tuned in during the early hours of the morning to catch a glimpse of Yara Shahidi’s sensational pink frock, but we’re even more focused on just how she styled her hair and enhanced her naturally exquisite facial features. The Emmys are back with an incredible array of awe-inspiring looks that are going to take some time to get over.

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Slick and Sleek

Polished and ultra mod with the Slick and Sleek trend. It embodies the simplistic yet magnifying contribution that hair can provide to a look. Christina Cooper/ Getty

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Angela Sarafyan/ Getty

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Constance Wu/ Getty

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Thandie Newton/ Getty

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Samira Wiley/ Getty

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Angela Basset/ Getty

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No Surprise... It's all in the Metallic Eyes

Metallics are here to stay and it jumps off the eyes in the most effective range of dusky hues. Our top pick: Issa Rae's rendition of the ultimate Ice Queen. Issa Rae/ Getty

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Getty Images 1035267864

Scarlett Johansson/ Getty

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Getty Images 1035259034

Taraji P. Henson/ Getty

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Getty Images 1035233830

Yvonne Orji/ Getty

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Embracing Natural Curls

We love the ways in which these celebs chose natural, effortless hairstyles to complete their looks. Gunning for glamour in the most naturally beautiful way possible, we are in awe of these looks. Zuri Hall/ Getty

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Getty Images 1035142580

Yara Shahidi/ Getty

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Getty Images 1035233088

Zazie Beetz/ Getty

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Getty Images 1035244076

Nathalie Emmanuel/ Getty

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Getty Images 1035226722
Dewy Skin and a Siren Lip

Radiant, rich and ready... lip shades of red, orange and fuchsia are our trendy shades of the week. Bouncing off the ever incandescent dewy complexion, this proves to be the perfect beauty combination for summer. Tracee Ellis Ross/ Getty

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Getty Images 1035267192

Evan Rachel Wood/ Getty

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Getty Images 1035243794

Rachel Brosnahan/ Getty

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Getty Images 1035268016

Michelle Dockery/ Getty

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Getty Images 1035132618

Claire Foy/ Getty

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Full Volume Waves

Straight from the beach and on to the red carpet, these celebs give us the perfect combination of beach-side nostalgia and Old Hollywood glamour. Our top pick: Mandy Moore/ Getty

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Getty Images 1035308982

Jessica Biel/ Getty

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Getty Images 1035310128

Chrissy Teigen/ Getty

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