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Is Lilac the new Millennial Pink?

Well, yes. But what even is Millennial Pink?

Millennial pink became a fashion fetish around 2014 when Wes Anderson gave us The Grand Budapest Hotel featuring a spectrum of retro-kitsch salmony pinks to lust over, and the pastel hue then went on to flood the runways.

If you’re wondering why the colour was linked to millennial culture, it’s got a lot to do with the political rebellion around Donald Trump and Brexit and pushing back against standards and choices that have been made for the youth. Representing an ironic post-prettiness, that millennials started up on Tumblr far before they knew they were millennials, the pink shade reads “Don’t tell me what to do, I’m special”.

We’ve tried moving on since then and Gen-z yellow came around as a post-post-ironic adaptation of the exact colour of subtitles in foreign films – the kids are running wild with niche-culture in case you hadn’t noticed – but if you just got into Gen-Z yellow, soz babes, sorbet pastels are still around for Spring and we’re crushing on cool, confident lilac shades this sunny season.

The usually under-the-radar pastel made its way across SS18 runways, starting and Victoria Beckham, Tibi and Creatures of Comfort, and naturally adorned the figures of the street style savvy.

We’ve rounded up our top 5 lilac picks for your perusal as summer strikes.

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R1 300

Asymmetrical hem dress

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Ellery at Mytheresa

R12 433

Neck tie dress

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Adidas originals at Superbalist

R2 299


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