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Increasing access to world’s best tertiary institutions

If you’ve ever wanted to study at a leading university and thought you couldn’t, think again. GetSmarter offers online courses from numerous global institutions

In partnership with GetSmarter

Thirty years ago, if you wanted to study at a top international university, you might have had to consider things like relocating to a different country, finding a place to live, paying for university and accommodation fees, and adjusting to a different culture. Or it wasn’t even an option to consider.  

No more.  

Online learning, you see, cuts out a chunk of that process. There’s no denying that digital technologies are having an impact on the way we learn. It is opening more doors to people who would have not otherwise had the chance to study further.  

Available at your fingertips

Continuous advancements in this sector allow people across the world to have access to prestigious universities such as Oxford or Harvard. GetSmarter, a brand of 2U, Inc., is a digital education company based in Cape Town, and has partnered with many leading local and international universities, offering numerous subjects.  

Co-founder Sam Paddock believes digitalisation of learning helps to reach otherwise excluded students. ‘Online courses promise increased access to education,’ he told UK news website, the BBC

‘They also promise an opportunity to explore and evolve pedagogy – the art and science of teaching and learning.’  

Earlier this year, GetSmarter partnered with the University of California’s Berkeley School of Information, better known as the I School.  

‘Based in close proximity to the world’s technology hub in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, UC Berkeley and the I School are proven leaders in educating the world’s best data scientists and information professionals,’ Paddock said.    

‘Our new partnership is an unparalleled opportunity for GetSmarter to bring that expertise and track record to the global market through dynamic, in-demand short courses for working professionals.’  

For everyone

The World Economic Forum (WEF) notes that there is a recurring theme in global mandates: ‘education for all’.  

‘But with an increasing number of “netizens” in rural areas in many developing countries, online education could be used to reach the last group of citizens without proper access to education and hence fulfil Sustainable Development Goal 4, concerning quality education,’ it says.  

If you’re interested in studying online with GetSmarter, click on the course name below to get more information.  

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