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A hybrid smartwatch? Yes, please

[FEATURED] Combining elegance and style with the capabilities of a smartphone, the range of Skagen Connected Watches will keep you on top of your game and looking impeccable at the same time.

Denmark may be famous for The Little Mermaid sculpture in Copenhagen, or that its people enjoy pickled herring, or perhaps that Lego originated there; but what you may not know is that Skagen of Skagen Connected Watches is inspired by a Danish town of the same name.

The brand Skagen not only borrowed the name of the coastal city, but also its “warm spirit and a minimalist mindset”.

The company’s driving principle is straightforward: good design for better living. “The key, as we see it, is simplicity– capturing only what’s truly essential in an uncomplicated, great-looking way.” It is applied across their creations, whether it be watches, jewellery or leather goods.

That standard is apparent in Skagen Connected Watches. This hybrid smartwatch is styled after a classic timepiece, but contains the latest technology. It may look like a stylish watch, but it has so many more capabilities than just telling time.

The perks of having a hybrid smartwatch

  • The accompanying app can be used on both iOS- and Android-operated phones;
  • Through the app, the activity tracker monitors the steps you take, or the amount of water you drink. You can also set the goals you’d like to achieve;
  • It provides notifications for email and text messages;
  • The alerts you receive are discreet, so you can leave your phone out of sight but still stay connected, and;
  • While it is powered by a battery, it doesn’t require charging. “Because who needs another piece of technology they have to worry about charging?” the company says.


Where you can buy it

The Skagen Connected Watches are available at Watch Republic, an online store.

See the website for more:

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