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How We Took Perfect Fashion Week Photos

Don't tell, but we used our phones.

You know as well as we do that there's nothing quite as stressful as trying to get the perfect photo. Especially at fashion week, with models pretty much running down the runway, fabulous street stylers (who are almost always in the dark) or great beauty looks which happen so fast it's hard to keep track. 

However, for SAFW last week, we had a little trick hidden up our sleeves. We'll call this trick the Samsung Galaxy S9+ phones, which landed on our desks on Tuesday afternoon, with what, we're pretty sure, were halos surrounding it. 

Here's why we were rather overjoyed about this special delivery. When the ELLE team is in the middle of fashion week, we're running around trying to report on runway trends, throw in a shoot (like this one) and then get ready for the event; doing our make up in the car and haphazardly throwing clothes on. 

Then, to get the content to our readers (that's you); we write articles online and also post to social media, sharing our experiences, the trends we see blowing up and our favorite designers. There's also amazing made up models and of course, the street style

This is all made *so* much easier when we have really good photos and video footage. So, with phone cameras which have dual camera and aperture, super slow-mo, live focus and professional photography settings, we were in for a good time. 

Seated front row at the show, with strange lighting, we were still able to get the best images on our shiny new Samsung Galaxy S9+, as the circular dual aperture (which works just like your eye!) allows the right amount of light to be let in to the image. By offering the smallest and largest aperture options available on any Samsung device, this feature helps to let more light into the lens, which reduces visual distortion in a photograph and makes the image clear and crisp. The lens expands and retracts before the model’s even finished her walk (for those of you who already know these things, they also offer Pro-mode, which allows you to disable this feature and adjust the aperture on your own - smarties). And when we were still struggling, there’s the super slow mo function, where we could catch every angle of the look. 

Capturing every detail in the make up looks backstage with the Samsung Galaxy S9+ was a dream, with the camera’s 2x optical zoom and background blur effects, that allow you to control the depth of field and the background patterns, all powered by deep learning processing. It was all beauty, all of the time! 

Lastly, we played around with the Pro Mode, where we captured the street style stars, even in the less than perfect lighting, avoiding visual distortion and blurry images. Because, trust us, you want to see that look properly! 

Trust us: The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is a device that reimagines the way we communicated, shared and experienced fashion week.

PS: we might have spent the entire Uber ride home playing with the AR Emoji; an emoji that looks like you.

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