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Party organisers Warren Bendix and Jenna Levy from SocialSeen, share with us their tips for how to throw a killer cocktail party.

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Set the Scene

Make sure you have a space large enough for a bar, a table for food, casual seating and standing room for the number of guests you’re inviting. Lighting is key to creating the right ambience. Lights should be turned down; the more candles the better. However, make sure there are no open flames, and choose a suitable candleholder to avoid any fire hazards.


Hire a mixologist who can provide the bar, sort the stock, and bring glasses and ice. A mixologist can also teach your guests to make cocktails they haven’t seen or tasted before – it’ll add an element of fun that will have your guests talking about it for days afterwards.


Finger food works best. If you have time, you can prepare your own canapés (check out Pinterest for a few creative ideas). If you are short of time, source finger food in the deli section at Woolworths or Pick n Pay. We recommend providing a mix of meat and vegetarian items, so that all your guests are catered for and no one goes hungry. And don’t forget dessert. Mini cupcakes always go down a treat.

Music and entertainment

Create a playlist on your iPod that suits your crowd. Upbeat background music is good to kick it all off; if guests are keen to bust a move, make sure you have a mix of old classics and current tracks.

If you have the budget and a wild crowd, hire a DJ and give them your song requests. If you prefer something low key, go for Spanish guitar or gentle jazz.


Get your guests to arrange an Uber ride, so they don’t have to worry about keeping track of how many glasses they’re having. SocialSeen can get first-time users a ride up to R200 in value and a personalised code for your party!

SocialSeen are party experts. After spending many years in London working on all types of events, they have now launched SocialSeen South Africa. For more info, visit




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