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Bontle Modiselle's Tips to Throwing the Ultimate Summer Vibe at Home

More reason to party in.

It's December! Forget the big blow-outs at a packed club, or parties at a friend of a friend's bar, where you barely know anyone. The best parties are ones where you don't even have to leave the holiday-house...

Thankfully dance diva Bontle Modiselle knows a thing or two about throwing a house party to remember, thanks to her role on Castle Lite's Ultimate House Party; a show where 16 contestants compete for R150 000 to prove they can host the best house party. So, ahead of the holidays, we asked her for her best at-home party tips:

What are the three things that make the ultimate house party?

I would say obviously great music. Great food, definitely for sure. And - I'm not necessarily a theme-orientated person - but a theme kind of directs everything else, like how people show up, the kind of attitude they bring, the kind of food, the kind of set up. So a really great party theme is key!


Tips and tricks?

Make sure you have enough of everything, from food to Castle Lite packs. Also make sure you have enough security there because people tend to get a bit reckless. And have fun!

Three things you *must* have on your party playlist?

This one’s tricky! I am local girl so I would to have something kwaito. I think it's necessary to have something nostalgic; Sister Bettina by Mgarimbe is a vibe. I guess something Rihanna-ish, like Work. I also like afrobeat, so If by Davido.

Who do you have to absolutely have at your house party?

You definitely need to have your circle of friends, it’s not a vibe without your people. I like partying with my significant other as well, so he has to be there too. Oh and my sisters! 

What should you wear to the ultimate house party?

Please, anything and everything comfortable. The point is for you to dance and have a good time. Also, you're at a house party so it's not like you have to slay or have to have a ’freak'um dress’ on. Wear something that allows you to be flexible enough and comfortable enough to 'lahla ’mlemze', to 'vosho' comfortably. That's it! Be comfortable but look dope obviously. 


What should you never do when trying to have the ultimate summer vibe at home?

Don't overspend. I try to cover all my bases rather than trying to feed an entire nation. It helps to plan and be economical. Surprisingly, people don't need a lot to have a good time. Don't invite people who are too cool to party.

Catch Castle Lite's  Ultimate Summer Vibe with Bontle Modiselle, Da Les and Don Dada, as they attempt to impress Dash Mkhathini by showcasing their house best night in! Every Friday from the 30th of November on Channel O.

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