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How to Get the Look: Beyoncé's ROC Nation Brunch Make-Up

Everyone's favourite artist, Beyoncé, shook our Instagram screens on Sunday morning while hosting the ROC Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch with husband Jay-Z. And while the likes came in by the millions, we were transfixed by her pre-Grammy beauty look and how we can get the same facebeat.

Eye spy

Beyonce's shimmery sunset eyeshadow made up of glimmering golds and hints of sunset pink had us looking to our favourite pink eyeshadow palette, Urban Decay's Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette, for our next lunching and brunching "look me in my eyes" shadow.

Image: @beyonce Instagram

Try a little colour

Don't be afraid of a little colour, especially if you're looking to layer to get more sunset glow for your dough. We suggest starting with "Caution" as your base before getting into a little of your peachy sunset from "Juicy" and topping that off with a hint of orange gold from "Turn On" on the centre of your lids. Buff out the shimmer over your eyelid before adding a touch of "Bang Bang" to the inner eye.

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette, R875

Lines and lashes

Emphasise your eyes with a gel liner that will create a thicker but still precise and non-smudging line to give your sunset eyes some depth. Pull out that mascara wand to give you ultra long lashes and captivate us with your stare.

Lips on me

Beyoncé's signature creamy nude pout deserves an honourable mention with this look for keeping the attention all on her eyes. Find a nude with a hint of pink or gold that will suit your skin tone to continue the sunset feel of your farebeat throughout your face and work your magic in these streets.

Image: @beyonce Instagram

To get a colour that's similar to Bey's...

Try Maybelline Countdown Collection lipstick in White Gold, R140

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