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Cold weather and chilling winds combined with indoor heaters take their toll on our hair. Enter our favourite hair saviours! There is one for every hair type and the results are miraculous. Bring back shine, bounce and suppleness to your locks with one of those beauty treats.

1. The Hot One

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing pack, R4.99

Use any hot oil treatment on freshly washed hair. Do not rub the hair too harshly, as this can cause tangles and breakage. A great product and overall treatment for maintaining hair moisture. Leaving your hair moisturised and sheen, replenishes dry brittle hair.

2. The Strengthener

Jean Pépé Moisturising Hair Mask, R49.95

We love that this mask is packed with vitamins and shea butter. Using it on towel-dried hair twice a week will help strengthen weakened hair and prevent further damage. Over time, brittle hair becomes pliable and lustrous.

3. The Shimmer

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hairtheraphy Oil Miracle Gold Shimmer Treatment, R218

This product deeply recharges your hair from within the fibre and nourishes it with argan oil. Leaving your hair with a luxurious shine, and lasting softness. Leave this in your hair for 10 minutes after washing your hair for that healthy shiny finish. Strengthening, repairing and reinvigorating the hair.

4. The Softener

Moroccanoil Treatment, R405

The beauty of this treatment is that it works equally well on thick and fine hair. Don’t be fooled by the oil connotation, even though it’s main ingredient is all famous Argan Oil, it leaves hair free of residue, super shiny and soft.

Let’s be real – when it comes to ethnic or black hair, a lot of work goes into maintaining our lovely dos. We like it natural, then we like braids, then we see Rihanna and dye it red, we need to blow dry as soon as we’ve washed it, we need to oil our scalps – then we want a weave – as exhausting as all that sounds, we tend to also exhaust our hair. Finding the perfect treatment differs from hair to hair, but a hair mask or oil treatment does well no matter what hair type you have.

Moisturizing DIY hair mask

Straighteners, dyes, bleaches and blow drying damage the protein in hair which in turn contribute to dryness. Restore moisture with this all-natural, easy to make, nourishing seasonal fruity mask:

Blend two slices of ripe papaya. Add two tablespoons of organic full cream yogurt. Apply to damp hair, cover with a shower cap to infuse the moisture and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse with tepid water to add extra shine.

DIY Hot Oil Treatment

No bounce or shine? Here’s a quick and easy way to add extra strength and shine back to your locks – when the above products aren’t at your disposal.

What you’ll need: 1/2 cup Almond Oil, 1/4 cup Avocado Oil, a 1/4 cup Olive Oil. Process: Thoroughly blend all the ingredients together. Place it in the microwave for 15 to 30 seconds (warm not hot). Be cautious to not burn your scalp – spread the hot oil treatment in your hair, and wrap it up in a plastic bag or shower cap. The heat will open your hair cuticle allowing all the nutrients and oils to absorb into your hair. Leave it in for 20-25 mins. For an intense treatment leave it in overnight, and rinse it off with shampoo and conditioner.



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