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Lotions and potions will do wonders for your skin, but you need to feed it from the inside too, says Acting Beauty Editor Lynette Botha. Here she rounds up five of the best vitamins for healthy skin.


Vitamin A

Pigmentation and dark spots are a big concern in SA due to our climate. Vitamin A helps to repair and clear the skin thanks to increasing cell turnover and boosting collagen production. It also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Also found in: sweet potatoes and leafy dark green veg like spinach.

Vitamin B3

This vitamin is good for clearing problem skin, reducing redness and boosting moisture. It’s also shown to increase the production of fatty acids and ceramides (read: plump, hydrated skin. Yes, please!).

Also found in: mushrooms and tuna.

Vitamin C

Key in anti-ageing, Vit C protects skin from toxins, free radicals and environmental damage, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also an anti-inflammatory – puffiness, be gone!

Also found in: oranges, strawberries and red peppers.

Vitamin E

Because the body does not produce Vitamin E on its own, it’s possibly one of the most important supplements you should be taking. This antioxidant helps to heal, protect and strengthen your skin. It’s great for repairing sun damage and soothing skin.

Also found in: nuts, tofu and avocados.


If you have bad acne scars, are prone to blemishes and pigmentation or have oily skin, zinc is the one for you. It steadies oil production, reduces inflammation  and lowers the chances of scarring.

Also found in: seafood and most beans.

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