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Fabrosanz Creations Takes Our Heritage to the World

Sandi Mazibuko, who is more well known as Mzansiʼs ʻqueen of printʼ, has raised the South African flag high and expanding the countryʼs rich heritage at this yearʼs world-famous Oxford Fashion Show at both the Milan and Paris fashion weeks. Milanʼs Fashion Week took place on the 22nd of September 2018 which was followed by the Paris show which took place on 1 October 2018.

Fabrosanz Creations, Sandi’s very own fashion house, has broken fashion boundaries with her innovative design to create the exclusive Nguni range. More than just simply assembling fabrics together, Sandi draws her inspiration from various South African cultures creating a unique Nguni print with elements extracted from different Nguni cultures.

The colourful circle shapes on the print are inspired by the Zulu culture. The Zulus are a group people who express their tradition with explosive, loud colours and beadwork that has beautiful shapes. The circular inspiration on the design is extracted from the OTT earrings and izicholo (Zulu hats) that the ladies wear with flair and boldness.

The geometry and diamond shapes on the fabric print are inspired by the Ndebele culture. Ndebele people are also known for their non-filter when it comes to colour. They beautifully represent this by the artwork on their homes, however, over the years this geometry has made its way to the South African fashion world. 

The fabric print also shows inspiration from the Xhosa culture. The Xhosa culture is quite simple and minimalistic, known for bold black lines on solid colours with white being the most recognisable canvas for the artwork.

Mesmerising colours, geometric shapes on clean white fabric is the essence of Sandi Mazibukoʼs unique and groundbreaking Nguni print. The fabric pattern was translated into breathtaking garments using flowy fabrics such as chiffon and liquid satin and further onto gabardine for the more structured pieces. 

Sandi Mazibukoʼs experience so far in Europe has been an exciting one. “The response was overwhelming as we showcased an African print that is proudly South African in Milan, which you donʼt see often. We are so happy and excited for the future as this means our plan of exporting is fast becoming a reality.” says Mazikbuko. 

Sandi has beautifully taken her heritage to the world in a stunning showcase at the Milan Fashion Week on 22 September 2018. Durban based IFele Shoes has also been incorporated into Sandi’s Nguni range by being part of the final outfit taking more of Mzansi to the world. Keep your eyes peeled on her social media platforms for a front row seat into her Paris Fashion Week showcase (@sandimazibuko). 

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