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Even Bella Hadid Has Bad Hair Days Because Supermodels Can Be Relatable Too

The model called out for help from hairstylist to the stars Jen Atkin.

Proving she's just like us every now and then, model Bella Hadid took to Instagram to declare she was having a hair-mergency, and needed help, ASAP.

After posting a series of arty modelling shots that declared it’s Libra season, the 21-year-old posted a snap in which her hair looked, well, totally normal.

Not normal for her obviously, since regular Bella Hadid hair looks like a hair advert had a baby with a Bond girl’s bouffant. But normal for us mere mortals, in a, ‘will this ponytail disguise how hungover I am’ (the answer is ‘no’) kind of way."... stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
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📲 @jenatkinhair You there??... Sos

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The young supermodel captioned the mirror selfie, '@jenatkinhair You there??... Sos' referencing hair stylist to the stars Jen Atkin.

Atkin works with everyone from Alexa Chung and Kendall Jenner, to Lily Collins and Solange, and has been in charge of Hadid's lobs for a while now.

Bella Hadid hair

Whilst speaking to ELLE UK the hairdresser to the stars told us, 'Bella Hadid is loving the 90s at the moment so when I styled her lob for the Met Gala we were really inspired by the old magazine covers with Christy Turlington and Helena Christensen.'

In fact, the super-stylist gave us the full 411 on how to style your lob at home, so Hadid, take note.

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