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Estee Laundry Is The Sassy Instagram Account Calling Out The Beauty Industry

Hitting us with those truth bombs.

Taking the phrase 'airing your dirty laundry' quite literally is the latest industry insider Instagram account calling beauty brands out on their s**t.

Yup, the younger, but no less bitingly honest, sister of the fashion industry's beloved (or not so) Diet Prada is taking the beauty industry down, one dupe at a time. 

If you're not following Estee Laundry yet, then you're in for a world of beauty industry truths. 

Whether they're calling out brand dupes that look suspiciously similar (Krash cosmetics anyone?), delivering business insider info, or clapping back at cultural appropriation, Estee Laundry is the controversial insta account that's not afraid to speak their truth. 

And mention when beauty brands are conveniently avoiding theirs...

Following Diet Prada's formula of 'take one punny name based on an industry giant and add more than a dash of whistle blowing', Estee Laundry is the vigilante Instagram account giving it to you straight. 

Although their main aim seems to be taking down the beauty bad guys (see their account of Deciem founder Brandon Truaxe's dramatic downfall), it's not all negative vibes. If Business Of Fashion style business insight is what you're into, then the self-proclaimed 'Anonymous Beauty Community' has got all the deets. 

From the rise and rise of Pat McGrath's billion pound make-up brand, to Octavia Spencer landing the role of black haircare mogul Madam C.J. Walker, and the most recent advances in digital supermodels, the outspoken account keeps you in the loop with the latest beauty industry news."... stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
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According to @Fashionista_com, yesterday, New York City-based investment firm #EurazeoBrands announced that it had struck a $60 million deal to become a minority shareholder in @PatMcGrathReal’s company. Eurazeo's investment brings Pat McGrath Labs' total external funding to $88 million, according to a press release from the firm. While the specific terms of the deal were not disclosed, industry sources estimate that Eurazeo took a 5 to 8 percent stake in the company, putting its full valuation at more than $1 billion, per a report by #WWD. For comparison, @Forbes recently valued @KylieJenner's overwhelmingly successful @KylieCosmetics at $800 million. Do you guys agree that #PatMcGrathLabs is worth more than #KylieCosmetics? #PatMcGrath #KylieJenner
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'We set up the account because there are a lot of open secrets in the beauty industry that no one talks about. Magazines and bloggers don’t talk about them because sharing them openly will impact their sponsorships, advertising and freebies,' the founders told i-D. 'We wanted to create an anti-influencer account that would encourage transparency and honesty.'

And credit where credit's due, why should we ignore blatant cultural appropriation boo boos, or beauty influencers widely publicising outdated and racist views? In an industry where honesty is limited and transparency is a form of branding, Estee Laundry might be the refreshing feed we need.

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