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ELLE Boss 2016 Alum Faith Gwedashe's company Dose of Health aims to change health behaviour in order to change health outcomes, communicating and building relationships that bridge the gap between healthcare products and consumers of healthcare. Here, Faith speaks on inspiration and womanhood.

On choosing the health industry:

My grandmother and mother were both nurses, and I am passionate about the subject of health. I also believe that health education is the cornerstone of our economy. Often, people think that their healthcare concerns are in the hands of professionals, but if we equip individuals to take care of their health we have empowered them.

On being an ELLE Boss finalist:

Receiving acknowledgement for the work that I do from other women who have advanced in their respective careers was wonderful.

On why you should enter:

ELLE Boss is a fun way to meet other women who are in business, who may just inspire you to continue on your path. The process makes you think about your business and refocuses your energies to make sure that you succeed.

On wisdom she holds close:

‘Be yourself, follow your passion and everything else will fall into place’ – Max Moyo.

On the strength of women:

The ability to multitask and deal with challenges.

On empowerment:

Empowering the youth is so important to me, as they get to take on the ‘movement’ from us. I think the role of a woman in society is a powerful one – and empowering women means changing a nation.

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These answers first appeared in a print edition of ELLE.

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