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Dear You,

Here it is, December.

The word promises a summer break, long sunny days and celebrations. It also augurs conclusions, endings and some wrapping up, literally and figuratively.

December means that there are only 31 days left before the big jump into the New Year; 31 days to move on, forget or forgive, leave behind, start afresh; 31 days to say the things left unsaid and look behind once again.

emilie gambade elle editor

I often think I need to end the year by closing it off in one way or another, so I can start on 1 January with a clean slate. It never really happens, of course, but I like the idea that there is a possibility, even infinitesimally small, that this switch of numbers opens the way for a whole new round of opportunities, discoveries and adventures; it does feel good to expect an entirely new world to open in front of us.

In fact, December is a bit like my confessor: I face it in all honesty, weigh the pros and cons of the year that passed and assemble my hopes for the year that is yet to come. I murmur my dreams into its ears, hoping it will make them all come true past its final night. I indulge in the kisses and the hugs and the best wishes that midnight on 31 December brings. I carefully and surreptitiously read my horoscope for the year ahead although I swear not to believe a word of it. I look back and take note and get ready to turn the page of this Gregorian calendar that so defines our lives.

And I love that we could, in this issue, take a look over our shoulder and bring you what we thought was the best of 2014, starting with the unmissable Lupita Nyong’o (you might have seen her on many magazine covers already but we couldn’t resist having her on our final issue of the year – this mbodiment of femininity and cheerfulness); I love that it is fresh and inspiring, that the team, once again, turned their zest and creativity into action to confess and share their thoughts and vision with you.

In 2014, ELLE had 293 000 readers in print, 780 000 unique readers online, almost 42 000 followers on Twitter and no less than 21 600 likes on Facebook. When murmur wishes into this December’s ears, I will ask that you keep reading us the way you do, that you never stop meeting us in person or on social media, that together and for years to come, we keep walking hand in hand through the pages of this magazine.

As for today, sitting on the last step of 2014, I love that I can look at December and send it a big thank you for the year that was and especially for the three months that have just passed, three months with you. And I know that the switch of numbers will indeed bring a whole new round of beautiful adventures. Starting now.

Fashionably yours,

Emilie Gambade

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