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‘There are clothes which keep rejuvenating themselves instead of getting worn out’   – Roberto Juarroz.

These words by Roberto Juarroz, an Argentinian poet, sparked the idea that became this issue of ELLE. They greeted me when I first paged through The Little Black Jacket in which Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld celebrate Chanel’s Little Black Jacket in its many interpretations.

Jackie Burger ELLE August Oluchi Orlandi

Our August issue is always a personal favourite of mine. It is dedicated to the enduring allure of women and the female spirit in her many guises.

With that in mind, the wisdom of Juarroz’s words encapsulated one of the truths about womanhood for me, which is that we, as women, have the innate strength and style to continuously reinvent ourselves, regardless of the circumstance. Embracing rejuvenation as a tool and attitude in the many challenging spheres of our daily realities is a precious affirmation I have adopted in my refusal to ‘get worn out’!

And so our iconic issue came to be: a tribute to everlasting pieces and principles, a reminder of the constants in a world of rapidly changing trends and of the classics and values that do not jump up overnight.

At the heart of this lies the ever-important lesson of always reimagining a style disposition, keeping it timeless and keeping it forever young.

Enjoy a much-deserved Women’s Day on 9 August.


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