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Don’t Let Your Summer End: 6 *Affordable* Ways To Extend Your Holidays

January has already taken away the big, sparkly tree from our lounge. We won't let it take our freedom!

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros / Unsplash

We're not quite ready to end our summer vacays just yet, but we're also a little low on funding. These six brilliant ideas (brainstormed with a Castle Lite for inspo) are going to make sure we live Summer 'til the very last second. Here's to continued long, lazy days and hotter nights.

Fake Out your Take Out

The take-out temptation runs high during the holidays, but Uber Eats is for pre-January pockets. Instead of splurging on expensive foods, get your besties round and make your own favourite Take Out curry, burgers and pizza at home (groceries are cheaper for groups). Here's how Jamie Oliver would do it. Make it feel a little more special with a few cans of Castle Lite goodness, and you've got yourself the perfect midweek summer night. 

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It's On Like Beer Pong!

There isn't a more summer-friendly game than beer pong. So, while the sun is still shining, set up a weekend beer pong championship with your friends. You'll need 12 plastic cups, some ping-pong balls and about 3 cans of Castle Lite per game. Establish a few teams and set up a round-robin tournament. Now, all that's left to decide is team names, rules and what glorious prize the winning team will get! (We recommend a case of cold ones.) 

Photo by Marion Michele / Unsplash

Host your Own Festival

Music festivals are for people who are not in their overdraft. Pool parties, where you ask each of your friends to make a Summer playlist or play an instrument (if they can), are for us. Find out which of your friends has a pool, and *politely* ask them to host. Then make sure everyone gets a chance to run the playlist. Ask everyone to bring something; one brings the beers and plastic cups (otherwise it doesn't feel like a festival), one brings the inflatables, and one brings his guitar... it's the perfect communal (read: affordable) festival! 

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Photo by Jens Johnsson on Unsplash

Be Bowled Over (Sorry)

In case you didn't know, the city is filled with lawn bowl clubs - and they always serve super cheap drinks and food. Get a few friends together, find a bowling club near you, order a couple of cheap Castle Lites, and play a game of lawn bowls in the sun. There is literally no other game that screams Summer as much as this one. 

Tour your own City

Sure, you might have no more money left for traveling, but that doesn't mean you don't get to explore new places. Take a mini-road trip to a new part of town, or a quaint village a few hours out. Spend the day window shopping, exploring and taking snaps in a place you've never visited - and it will feel just like a holiday. Keep the beer cold for a post-drive cool-down. 

Photo by Paloma A on Unsplash

Hit Up Golden Hour

We only have a few more months of extra sunlight. Don't waste them! Ditch the after-work nap for a yoga session, a walk in the park, or Castle Lite sundowners at home with friends. It's a great refresh to the usual weekly routine, without spending too much cash.

These tips were inspired by Castle Lite - but how will you be making sure your summer lasts? 

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