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Winter months can be cruel to our skin, from the dry air to the cold temperatures, it’s essential to give it that extra TLC. Enter the Clarins Skin Spa, nestled in Waverley, Joburg, and its signature offerings to nurture and protect your skin.

The Clarins way of skin care is unique to the plant-based brand – they do not offer extractions or steaming and, before starting the treatment, they ask a wide range of questions to gauge what it is that your skin needs the most.

The moisture replenishing Tripitic facial comes recommended for dry and dehydrated skin, using the Hydraquench Clarins products as well as the products that promote radiance.

During the 60-minute facial the therapist focuses her attention on the entire body, creating a sensory experience – from a hand, foot and head massage as well as lymph drainage in your facial region (a treatment that helps rid your body of toxins).

Each facial is tailored to the client, using a unique combination of Clarins products to aid your skin.

After the treatment your therapist will recommend products to use to maintain all the nutrients that the facial has fed into your skin and will provide you with samples to try before purchasing.

Treating skin from the inside too, the Clarins Skin Spa is one experience you need to add to your beauty regime this winter.

To book an appointment call 011 809 6378 or email



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