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Lindelwa Busakwe

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8 Celebrity couples who have restored our faith in love

Here are quotes from couples that will make your heart melt.

5 summer scents we LOVE

This weather calls for a fresh and lighter take on fragrances. Beat the heat with these memorable summer fragrances.

7 lipsticks that shout SUMMER

A pop of colour on the lip is a quintessential summer accessory. Whether you’re creating glam night time look or wearing a small amount of makeup throughout the day, a luminious lipstick can alter your look, making any makeup summer-ready. From bright corals to ruby reds, these are the best lipsticks to wear this summer.

Beyoncé's best on-stage hair moments

While we, naturally, die over all Queen Bey's tour costumes, it's her extraordinary hairdos that also leave us totally in awe. From untamed curls to regal braids, see every one of the unique and unforgettable hairstyles worn by the singer.

Hair Trend: Runway. Road. Reality

All you need to know about the wet hair trend and how to recreate the in 10 minutes.

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