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Apparently Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Child Will Not Have A Royal Title For A Very Good Reason

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are hell-bent on giving their child a ‘normal’ life

Much like his cousin Zara Philips, Prince Harry is said to be eschewing a royal title for his firstborn.

Meghan and the Prince’s unborn child will not be named a Prince or a Princess and is instead set to inherit other names. 

According to The Express, the down-to-earth parents want their first child to have a ‘relatively normal life’ and believe a royal suffix made impede this. A source close to the couple reportedly explained, ‘That word "normal" looms very large for Harry and Meghan when it comes to their child’s future.’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tour GETTY IMAGES

If Meghan gives birth to a baby boy come spring 2019, he is set to inherit the title Earl of Dumbarton. If Meghan gives birth to a girl (as Harry apparently wants) she could be named Lady Mountbatten-Windsor, with her future sons (Harry and Megan’s grandchildren), being Lord Mountbatten-Windsor.

The Queen’s daughter Princess Anne (Prince Harry’s Aunt and Prince Charles’ sister), turned down titles for her children Zara and Peter Philips, who have gone on to enjoy relatively normal lives.

Prince Harry's wish, and we're sure Meghan's too, may well stem from his own difficulties growing up under intense public scrutiny. 

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Last year, the 34 year-old revealed to journalist Bryony Gordon that life in the public eye led him to being 'very close to a complete breakdown on numerous occasions'. 

Any step to help their children flourish sounds like a positive one to us.

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