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An immediate glow

Nu Skin’s Sunright® insta glow tinted self-tanning gel lets you get the bronzed look you want, with minimal effort

These warm days are made for shorts, crop tops, and sandals. It’s time to revel in summer’s glory.  

To give you a sun-kissed glow even before you catch some sun rays, look no further than Nu Skin’s Sunright® insta glow tinted self-tanning gel.

It’s all the bronze-beauty, without the work. 

Think self tan is only for light skin, think again. It is a great way to cheat a more even complexion by hiding, blemish marks, lighter patches and even stretch marks. The finished result is almost like airbrushing for your skin. Plus, for your chest, arms and legs it is a great way to accentuate muscle tone and definition.

It is safe to use both on your face and your body and because it glides on easily onto your skin, the application is smooth and even. However, when applying to your face, avoid eyebrows, hairline, and delicate eye area.

Here’s what you need to know to using it on your face. Gradual is better, so start with a little and then build the colour slowly. Our top tip, use a soft round buffing brush to blend the product into your skin for a streak-free finish and avoiding harsh lines around your eyes, eyebrows and nose. And, don’t forget about your ears!

Easy to use

Get the bronzed glow in four easy steps:  

  1. Exfoliate your skin.
  2. Allow your skin to dry thoroughly.
  3. Apply gel to your face and body.
  4. Wait a few minutes for it to completely dry.

You’ll be ready to show off your radiant colour in minutes.  

While this self-tanning gel is moisturising, it is still recommended you use your normal moisturiser and sun screen to protect your skin from harmful rays.

Find Nu Skin online: 

Facebook: @nuskinza 
Instagram: @nuskinza 
Twitter: @NuSkinZA

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