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A Street Style Round-up From LFW 2019: 10 of the Best Jackets

A glimpse into the best fashion looks OUTSIDE of the runway.

London Fashion Week is done and best believe us when we say that – despite the fast pace and bustle of it all – the street style mimicked the flow with simpler, standout pieces that transformed an entire ensemble. Coats seemed to be the key feature in creating a hallmark aesthetic. Click to see our top selections.

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Getty Images 1130391108
Brushed in Direction

Pull out that timeless cow hide jacket, pair it with your favourite mules and you have the perfect fashion week look.

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Getty Images 1130391048
Tailored to your Standards

Everyone loves a good, tailored jacket. And what better way to close up for the cool weather than by layering like crazy then finish offf with a simple blazer and waist belt. We’ll never know what you’re hiding underneath / GETTY IMAGES

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Getty Images 1130382623
Monochrome Glory

We love the the maxi and mini versions of this plaid paint. Throw in an hue difference for quirky flair. / GETTY IMAGES

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Getty Images 1130184776
Very Velvet

What better way to get warm than by throwing on a statement velvet robe to add some bag to your otherwise simple look. / GETTY IMAGES

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Getty Images 1130585893
Pretty in Pink Plaid

Major Clueless notions made with a matching plaid ensemble. Candyfloss pinks paired with solid hues of black elevate the look to more of a fashion-forward aesthetic rather than Barbie doll. / GETTY IMAGES

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Getty Images 1130589726
Must-have Mustards

All items are mustard and we cannot get over it. / GETTY IMAGES

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Getty Images 1130662690
Trenchcoat-like Raincoat

Nothing beats a multi-purpose jacket that will make you look twice. What do you see? A raincoat up close and a trench coat from far? Us too! / GETTY IMAGES

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Getty Images 1130590399
Blue Hues

Texture perfection in lightweights. Pairing a simple athleisure-inspired jacket over a linen-esque dress is a match made in textile dreams. / GETTY IMAGES

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Getty Images 1130351045
A Patchwork Plan

Patchwork is a trend this season, but try adding a contemporary aspect by selecting a range of colors that make patchwork seem less mixed, matched and pieced together – and more "co-ordinated". / GETTY IMAGES

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Getty Images 1130184542
Tangerine Tinge

Culminating with what seems to be the most daring hues yet, tangerines, neons and orange are bold but one question that you have to ask yourself is: 'Is it worth the risk?' / GETTY IMAGES

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