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A Recap of Project Runway SA Episode 8

The designers loved the idea of a ready-to-wear challenge … it just proved a whole lot harder than they thought. Here’s what you missed on episode 8 of Project Runway SA.

Edgars CEO Mike Elliott told the designers that the brand’s new purpose was to inspire self-expression in all South Africans for all occasions. And this week just happened to be their chance to create a ready-to-wear denim outfit for Edgars.

Given three themes, the designers swooped around the Edgars store for inspiration, picking up any accessories and Kelso Colour cosmetics that spoke to them most.

Kentse and Kireshen were given the 90s theme, Jaimie and Stephen had vintage, and the tribal theme went to Sandile and Sihle.

But as inspired as they were, we’ve never seen more unpicking, more undoing, or more starting over in any other episode of Project Runway SA than in this one.

Sihle, who wanted to showcase his versatility by creating pants instead of a dress realised that it wasn’t really working out, so he had to start afresh with a skirt to go with his dramatic off-shoulder bomber jacket instead.

Kentse, who ended up creating her dress as she went, found she had a garment that looked more like an evening dress in denim than a ready-to-wear piece you could snap off an Edgar’s hanger. After a chat with “Uncle Gert”, Kentse, half wailing, half laughing, took her dress apart to start all over again.

And when Gert told Kireshen that his bodice looked messy, Kireshen took that apart and started again too.

Jaimie’s win last week also played into the drama when it came to the new pecking order in model selections. But despite a little possessiveness over the models and a few cutting remarks, the designers were pretty confident with their looks come runway day … except for Kentse, who was still dashing around with 5 minutes to runway. 

Kireshen’s sexy, zippy, Destiny’s Child-inspired creation prompted Noni to say that his garment was an example of what “unrestrained creativity looks like”. But once again, he was still just safe.

The playful swag that Kentse brought into her creation from her memories of 90s Soweto girls had the judges cooing that her dungaree-styled denim design was a dress every woman could wear and won her the challenge.

Lerato felt like Sandile was becoming a bit too predictable, and guest judge, renowned fashion stylist Louw Kotze, said it felt like “a fruit salad”. But Sandile was allowed to leave the runway too.

Stephen and Sihle were at the bottom two this time. Stephen with a creation that left the judges feeling underwhelmed. It also, according to Rahim, looked more 90s than vintage. “And the worst of the 90s at that. 

But it was Sihle who was most worried about going home this time after his showdown with Louw Kotze over his choice of blingy stilettoes.

And because the judges felt his outfit went in too many directions, Sihle almost did go home. But get this … Gert used his mentor save.

“Sihle!” Gert beamed. “You are staying right here!”

Now, of course, all that Sihle wants to do is make Gert proud. But is it too late in the game? The competition is getting tougher and tougher every single week. Sihle hasn’t won a challenge yet. Neither have Kireshen or Stephen. And amongst the 6 remaining contestants, Kentse has a whopping 4 wins under her belt.

Every unexpected turn will be revealed in the upcoming 4th STREET Wines challenge next week.

Don’t miss Project Runway SA on Mzansi Magic, DStv Channel 161 at 21h30 next Tuesday.


Project Runway SA is presented by Mzansi Magic and Ndalo Pictures, in association with 4th STREET. The production partner is Rapid Blue (Pty) Ltd and sponsors include Edgars, Kelso Beauty, TRESemméMenlyn Park Shopping Centre and Lexus South Africa.

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