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A Recap of Kentse Masilo's Winning Collection

As the winner of season 1 of Project Runway South Africa, Kentse Masilo is looking to the future.

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Ell E Project Runway 167

Production: Kira Gimpel Photographer: Tatenda Chidora Hair and Make-Up: Lesley Whitby Model: Joyce Chidebe

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Ell E Project Runway 263
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Ell E Project Runway 453
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Ell E Project Runway 598
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Ell E Project Runway 708
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Ell E Project Runway 1130
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Ell E Project Runway 1329
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Ell E Project Runway 1508
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As the first winner of Project Runway South Africa season 1, Kentse Masilo is a name to remember in our local fashion scene. Having studied at the Tshwane University of Technology, Kentse quickly took to technology and futurism as a common thread in her design and established that the woman she designs for is brave, authentic and not afraid to show her truth. This something that was cemented in the foundation of her final collection. When asked about the inspiration of her collection, she said that it was “…the idea of disguising the African mask by creating shapes that are over form…” and using a hand embroidery technique that resembles data patterns. 

As an African designer, she believes that it’s important to “…elevate newness and offer a different perspective of our demographics”. Possessing an in-depth understanding of our history and having an interest in futurism, she makes a noteworthy effort in separating fashion from class pretension and social distinction through her design. 

Fast-forward to 2019 and Kentse is living her best life with the first order of business involving a career-changing trip to Paris. Check out the fashion editorial presenting her finale collection. 

Project Runway South Africa is produced by Ndalo TME, the publisher of DESTINY and ELLE South Africa, in association with Rapid Blue.

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