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A Phenomenal Outcome at the Look of the Year 2018 Competition!

African delegation celebrates 2 wins at the high-stakes International model search extravaganza.

With a vast number of entrants from more than 600 cities around the globe, it is no surprise that the city of Xi’an, China became a spectacle of highlighted importance when the international model search competition Look of The Year 2018 was hosted on Monday, 29 October 2018. 60 Models from 50 countries worldwide were privileged enough to make the shortlist and specific emphasis is placed on the seven sublime models emerging from the African continent. 

These models, representing the countries of South Africa, Botswana, Rwanda, Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe were secured by director and producer Jan Malan. He shares a statement about model talent emerging from Africa: 

“For decades models from Africa have been under represented on international runways and in modelling competitions. We are working hard to change this and believe than an era of multi-culturalism and diversity has dawned. We have a lot of work to do, sadly we had some amazing ladies from Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan that was selected to compete, but could not go because of visa issues. Hopefully this situation will change in future years.”

Angolan Model: Rossana Castelo

The event’s visual production was carried through by stellar stylist Todd Thomas and organised by Star Fashion and the Xi’an City Wall Tourism Development. In addition to support structure of experts, the judging panel featured model industry heavyweights from top-tier agencies with Kwok Chan (Ford Models New York) and Carole White (Premier Models London) making the cut. By the end of a nine-day bootcamp and critical deliberation, the two top spots were filled by South African and Netherlands representative Juliana Veenis and France’s Lou Blusson. Despite Blusson taking the final title and a prize worth $50 000, it was still a win for Africa with Veenis taking the position as 1strunner up and Rosanna Castelo (Angola) taking a place in the finals as well - both winners took home prizes worth $10 000 each.

1st Runner up, Juliana Veenis
Finalist, Rossana Castelo
Li Chen and Asia's Next Top Model's Cindy Bishop as the hosts

Before departing from the city, a final salutation came in the form of campaigns representing the Chinese City and Look of the Year 2019 which both Veenis and Castelo featured in. 

Well done to these ladies on their remarkable achievements!                                         

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