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A First Look at Petite Noir's La Maison Noir/ The Black House

Noirwave pioneer Petite Noir and Red Bull Music release a stunning new visual album

Petite Noir, 2018 , La Maison

Known for his astounding visual interpretations of his music, Petite Noir’s four-part visual album La Maison Noir/ The Black House is finally here. Musically directed by the musician himself, the whole project was a meeting of creative minds including; director and creative director Rochelle Nembhard, dancer and choreographer Manthe Ribane and art director Gabrielle Kannemeyer.

Shot in Namibia, La Maison Noir/ The Black House is a surrealist visual narrative that documents the artists’ life through different stages. Each segment is premised on the four elements ¾ Fire, Earth, Air and Water, and takes us through the journey of his life, starting from when he was a young boy growing up in Congo to the global music sensation.

“The visual album is a reference to my personal Congolese cosmogram (Kala, Tukula, Luvemba and Masoni), a constant circular motion of the elements that symbolise rebirth. We all go through a rebirth every few years,” explains Petite Noir.

Speaking of filming in Namibia, Nembhard expounds: “The idea of a desert is that of being stripped bare and speaks to how we are born with nothing; and was a representation of being true to self. The landscape of Namibia gives you different realities and plays with space. It’s sculptural with lots of form.”



Petite Noir will also release a six-track La Maison Noir EP, which was partially recorded at the Red Bull Music Studio in Cape Town; where he has been recording since 2010.

The visual album will premiere on MTV Base (Channel 322) on September 28 and online on on October 5, 2018.

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