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6 Ways To Add A Parisian Touch To Your Home By Sézane's Morgane Sézalory

As she prepares to open her first London store, Sézane's founder takes us inside her stylish Paris home.

On 5 September, cult French label Sézane will open its first UK store in London's Notting Hill. The brand's founder, Morgane Sézalory, has put a lot of thought into getting it right, designing the space to look and feel like a warm, yet stylish French apartment. Here, she takes us inside her own chic Parisian residence and offers her advice on how to bring some Gallic charm into your home.

1. Add unlikely luxe touches to your kitchen

"My kitchen never looks as clean as it is in this picture, especially with my two little girls. However, for a kitchen to always look good, to me it has to feature elements which you wouldn't think to include in a traditional kitchen, for example the big mirror and nice pictures."

2. Mix Up Your Artwork

"I collect artwork from flea markets and galleries, although some of the pieces I have were gifts. I enjoy pictures, paintings and illustrations and love to mix them all up. My favourite piece is a collage my friend Corentin gave me and a vintage painting of a man from the navy."

3. Find A Piece Of Furniture You Love And Make It The Star

"I chose to keep my bedroom very simple with just the night lamps for lighting. I particularly treasure the little green chair, which I have had for years. I found it in a garage sale and it always finds a place in every home I have lived. I like the way it looks with the India Madhavi lamp - the contrasting pink and green hues are my favourite colours."

4. Bring Decoration To Your Bathroom

"Like the kitchen, I love to have a place in the bathroom where you can showcase decorative objects, candles and books. The books we have in the bathroom are from my husband’s grandma - they have beautiful leather covers."

5. Flowers Are Important

"I love all flowers, but I do have a slight preference for wild roses. I have flowers delivered once a week thanks to I tend to gravitate towards green and pink colour combinations - they always look great together, like an English wild rose. I buy my vases from French ceramics and glassware company Astier de Villatte, as well as Chabi Chic, a Moroccan lifestyle brand."

6. Don't Buy Books For Aesthetic Reasons Only

"I’ve decorated my coffee table with a favourite vintage box that my mum gave me and some flowers. When it comes to which books to display, I choose from those I’ve recently bought that I want to explore. I don’t buy books solely for coffee table purposes, but I do have a big collection of books of artists that I want to learn more about. When my book stacks get too high, I swap and add new ones, but really you can’t have too many on display."

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