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5 Clever Makeup Hacks You will Love and Want To Try Now

M.A.C cosmetics let ELLE in on exclusive M.A.C Fix + hacks to perfect your glow, so you can shimmer and shine all season long!  

M.A.C Fix +

Feeling cold and blue? Bring back the memory of summer with scents of coconut, lavender and rose with cult favourite (and global bestseller) hydrating mist, Fix+.

M.A.C’s Global Senior Artist, Raine Tauber, recently popped into ELLE South Africa’s headquarters to give us the 411 on the new (heavenly scented) additions to the range and shared some clever makeup hacks.

Mist these delights to ‘fix your face’, or combine them with pigments to achieve a POW glow that even Kim K will be jealous of!

And for those of you with combination to oily skin, M.A.C has released a Fix+ Matte spray infused with soft focus powders – wave goodbye to the tissue dab and say hello to a natural glow…

 Raine’s tips:

‘One of the main ingredients responsible for the power glow and dewy finish is glycerine. Pick a pigment and mix to make great highlighters, cream eyeshadows and personalised lip shades. This also helps avoid loose powder falling and messing, plus dries quickly to prevent mistakes.’


Apply highlighter to your brush, then spritz your Fix+ over to intensify your highlight with a smooth radiant finish.


Create unique liners from your favourite eyeshadow shades, or boost your eyeshadow by applying your shade of choice to the brush. ‘I find mineralise and extra dimension formulas work best, followed by frosted or metallic formulas,’ says Raine. Spritz with Fix+.


Wet your beauty blender to press in foundation or cream products. Fix+ contains glycerine, which gives it a great slip and helps blend in foundation. “I give my beauty blender a few sprays of Fix+ then squeeze it a few times to evenly disperse the moisture, before pressing over foundation, concealer or other cream products. This gives you a natural, pressed in finish.’


Using powder to set your makeup or remove shine, can sometimes leave your skin looking powdery. A liberal spray of Fix+ softens for a more natural finish.


Fix+ contains chamomile, caffeine and cucumber to soothe irritated or sunburnt skin. For that extra soothing benefit – keep the spray in the fridge before applying.

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