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2016 Finalist Faith Gwedashe On Why You Should Enter Elle Boss

If you haven’t entered ELLE Boss yet, let our 2016 finalists show you why you should. We caught up with Faith Gwedashe to talk about how entering ELLE Boss changed her business.

What have you been up to since the competition? Anything exciting to report?

I have been able to refocus my career by purposefully looking for opportunities that will combine my passion for health education and hunger for business success. I was told such jobs do not exist, however, with determination all things are possible

Can you sum up the ELLE Boss experience?

It was motivational. Being in the same space with other women like me who are striving for their personal and career goals, made me evaluate mine and set new standards

What value did participation in ELLE Boss provide for your business and for you?

My business is a long-term plan, and serves a niche market in the South African health care space which has not been fully realised. Elle Boss made me realised that there is value in revisiting what I perceived to work and what works. On a personal level, I have made connections with business minded individuals who share my drive and are able to motivate me during my down times.

Why should entrepreneurs enter ELLE Boss?

For both personal and business development. Although the competition is not a full programme that has modules, the fact that you sit in a room full of judges asking about what you do makes you evaluate the effectiveness of how you have been doing things.

What advice would you give women who want to enter?

Be open minded. Be open to the experience and be present. Yes, the goal is to win, however sometimes winning is not winning the prize but winning the intangible wisdom that you will apply to your business.

What is next for you and your business?

I am currently sharpening my leadership skills with GIBS, a qualification which will go a long way in ensuring my organisation's effectiveness.

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